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Down with Venice! All Hail New Atlantis!

We come from many lands. We serve many masters. But we all share a common goal: to end Venice’s economic tyrrany of Europe.

Also, to build a great new Covenant to replace those of Italy.

I am Nailah ibet Amenemhet, and I am here to spread far and wide the true history of New Atlantis, that its name may remain uncorrupted by our enemies.

There are many beginning for our tale, but the one that I will use is first recorded in the Journals of Demetrios of Svaren Temple, a member of house Mercere, sometime citizen of Constantinople, and father to a victim of the 4th crusade of the infidels.

And, perhaps, another useful beginning lies in my own journal, starting with a conversation with my parens on 17 Meshir, 974 (Feb 10, 1258 under your Julian calendar).

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